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Take advantage of the fine weather to accompany the child to the outdoor ride!
Date: 2017/07/13

Farewell to the summer scorching sun, autumn is more suitable for outdoor cycling oh. Choose a cool ride for the baby, and enjoy the fun outdoors with the little friends!

Choose a car for your baby

First of all, according to the baby's physical development and age characteristics to choose, to meet the baby's height and leg length. When the baby is about 1 years old when the length about 75cm,2 years of age about 87cm,2 years after the average annual growth of about 7cm, Baba Ma Ma can be based on this rule to make reference.

Second, the car seat, the height of the handlebar is appropriate, stability, whether there are auxiliary devices, etc., can become a reference standard for vehicle selection.

In addition, because the baby balance ability is not strong, it is recommended to choose the baby sitting in the seat, the feet can fall to the ground of the model, when the baby hands hold the handlebars, the back is vertical or slightly radian, rather than lying on the posture and so on.

Finally, the vehicle's material and performance must be safe and excellent, flexible and light, so that the baby happy to play, mother more assured.

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