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European and American children with a balance car, Huang, Tian use it to cultivate the child's focus
Date: 2018/01/08


The people who heard it all felt very heart-pricked.

Indeed, many of the conditions are not very good for the family, are in the "rich second generation" way to raise children, blowing a wind afraid of colds, run faster a little afraid to fall, that the child as long as a good study on the line, not expensive cram school, not big things do not, a little bit risky things are not to touch the child.

Gradually, the child became puny, in addition to learning anything else will not, the formed the eyes of others big baby, mom Bao man.

However, some children are rich in the second generation of life, but more than the poor children have to "hard", they are not only learning great, in other areas are particularly good.

Yili and the article's daughter Hermès took part in the domestic standard, the largest "2017 National Sports Dance Championship", won the first prize in the group. Posture tall and straight, soft and powerful, elegant temperament, regardless of temperament or posture are very good, love horse only 9 years old, get so honored, it is difficult to imagine her behind how much effort and perseverance, injury is inevitable.


Regarded by the industry as "a new generation of leaders in China's career planning industry", the classical view is that most modern parents are: What they do not see is that they deprive their children of the opportunity to exercise ability, and thus lose the corresponding freedom. The child became a cripple who could only be trapped around them. Simply put, people who are overly responsible for others are the ones who deprive others of their liberty.

Many parents think children are too young to protect them too much, but they deprive them of the opportunity to develop their potential.

According to the children's physical and mental development of the law, to create opportunities for children, to stimulate their potential, and not necessarily to practice ballet, practice sports, practice the piano, but according to the interests of children, in the life of dribs and drabs to give full space, let them play.

For example, to encourage children to play a balanced bike, many people think that now everywhere is the subway, bus, private car, it is no use to practice. On the contrary, in Europe and the United States, this is basically each child hand a "toy", such as Huang, Tian and other stars of the children are playing to large.


Tian a pair of athletic cells super developed children

Riding a balanced bicycle by the medical profession becomes "the puzzle movement", is most can exercise the child's physical and mental health, because it:

1, promote children's sports ability, balanced development;
Long-term ride balance car can exercise balance and nerve reflex ability, shoulder, ridge, legs, limbs, feet, wrist get comprehensive exercise, enhance the children's physical flexibility, skills.


Zhang son rides a balance car every day.

2、 Foster a child's self-confidence, courage and independence
Independent operation of the balance car can make the baby become more independent and brave, riding alone feeling, so that children can feel the enjoyment of the pleasure of achievement.


Huang daughter Huang more than a Couba, but also particularly like to ride the feeling of freedom to fly

3. Cultivate children's focus
Children's writing industry is not focused, eating is not serious, the child's attention is not focused on this problem, is a lot of parents the most headaches, and riding balance car, need to mobilize the children's limbs and eyes, the brain focused on an object, which undoubtedly cultivated the child's ability to focus.


Yang son Yangyangyang intently staring ahead

You must play the balance car before you learn to ride a bike.

Children's balance car is also called foot Drive, Scooter, its earliest origins in Germany, in Europe and the United States almost every child hand one, learning to ride the premise of riding a bicycle first to practice gliding, grasp the sense of balance. The foundation of playing child balance car, the transition to independent cycling is very easy to get started, even easy to remove the auxiliary wheel, child balance car is learning to ride a bicycle starter car.

But young children are a little dangerous to play with their bikes, and balance car just suitable for young children to play, like 2-4-year-old kids can play 7-inch balance car, 3-7-Year-old can play 12-inch, dimensional diversity of design, are based on the growth and development of different age security requirements and design.


Let the child play on the child balance car early, let the child experience to control an object independently of the sense of achievement, this is very helpful to develop the ability of the child to concentrate, independent individuality.

Choosing a trustworthy child balance car is the key

Haptoo from the United States children's scooter is a new concept of the balance car, specifically for toddlers just learned to design a 7-inch vacuum tire balance car, to meet the age of 2-4 years of children's movement needs, small chic, lightsome stability, this year launched a new aviation-grade materials magnesium alloy concept car, Integrally molded frame in the field of balance car set off a hurricane, intensity and light volume with a, high-end atmosphere, flexible and safe.

Yes, that's what this cute little guy is playing.!!!!


Small details are also handled very carefully, such as the frame weight of only 2kg, even if wrestling, will not be afraid of pressure to the body, the child is also easy to control;


So moms don't have to worry about cars hurting kids. Oh, the price is particularly beautiful, even if you start. Open Taobao Direct Search shop: ha rabbit Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. " can be selected to buy


As the classical teacher said, do not take off the children to develop the potential of freedom Oh, and as parents, to create opportunities for children to help them realize their dreams on the line.


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