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Intense competition in the market, invincible


In recent years, China stroller market competition intensified, product competition began to shift to brand, sale and other full range of competition. Awakening of consumer brand awareness, it means that the future stroller industry brand will have the power of life and death, it can give business life and death. And most of the stroller enterprises have not yet established their own brand, or do not know how to build the brand. The choice of consumers is the product of choice, but also a manifestation of the trust of the stroller brand. Enterprises that do not have the ability to make a brand will be under great pressure in the brand age. Creating new categories and re-segmenting the market are the most effective ways to operate the stroller industry in China and the first choice for the development of stroller brands in China.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of economic level and the increase of the number of newborn babies, the demand of children's products is increasing and the brand is increasing. Children's products are one of the industries with the greatest potential and the greatest potential for development in the future. Increasing consumer demand, under the influence of the basic national policy of family planning, a family has only one child, "Succeed in looking forward to a woman into a phoenix," is the universal mentality of the world's parents. Intellectual investment, especially for children's education, has been accepted by most Chinese families. Significantly improved living standards for the consumption of high-grade baby products laid the material foundation. This is precisely the internal motivation for the gradual warming up of baby products markets including clothing, food, shelter, transportation and intellectual development in recent years.

My company's stroller, fashionable and unique, the current market in the current two pedicabs without pedals manufacturers can say that, and this walker in the European and American markets today is very popular, because it is able to exercise Children's balance, we all know, the balance of good or bad is a sign of cerebellar development, mental development has a crucial impact, and now parents are doing their best to find the best for the development of children, especially 70, 80 after the parents are able to accept new things, but also the price of our stroller in the high-end, also about 100-200 yuan, which is every family can afford to play.

Wheelbarrow is a new type of recreation, extreme sports products, almost every household in Europe and the United States have, almost every child can play, all kinds of sports events and clubs are everywhere, in recent years, China has also begun to rise, the economy Development is to allow people to look to the international trend, and nowadays in developed cities schools have been included in the middle school wheelbarrow physical education courses, there are more and more clubs playing wheelbarrow, is bound to set off a new round of hot wheels in China playing a wheelbarrow . My company's wheelbarrow to entertainment-oriented, suitable for primary and secondary schools beginners, play, the price go in the stalls 160-220 yuan, to ensure quality, distinguish between poor products on the market, but also let each family affordable.


1, the company does not accept the initial fee, reduce the franchisee (agents) investment costs.

2, unified store decoration, to provide market assessment and exhibition assistance, improve the logistics and tracking services.

3, a unified planning promotion, so that franchisees (agents) jointly grasp the latest developments.

4, launched 1-3 new products per quarter, entrepreneurship continues to lead the stroller market trend.

5, low input! High output! In the shortest time, get the maximum return on investment.


Daolang - small golden boy stroller small investment, high profits, 12-24 square meters to shop, less risk, suitable for laid-off at home or for the first time, the funds are not abundant crowd, starting low, in their familiar areas can shop Business is easy to carry out. A small amount of investment, and has a perfect company services, work income is much higher than the general, at the same time this project does not require employees, you can open a person, but also at the same time, depending on sales, the company will have The corresponding incentives. Strong marketing ability or existing sales network can apply for regional agency, within the region can independently develop franchise stores and outlets, independent margin, the more sales, the company's rebate more.

Store selection: district, schools, supermarkets parks, downtown, children's products market crowds of people.

Brand image: a unified image, a unified pricing, unified advertising.


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